I am, and always have been, happy to share my files for anyone to modify or use for their own projects. I do ask, however, that any derivatives (made using these files as a base or for reference) be made freely available if distributed at all.

All of these downloadable files are released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. I feel that this is reasonable, as these files represent a good bit of time spent researching/designing and were done to benefit the replica prop community as a whole. None of these files would have been possible without the willingness of others to collaborate and share freely.

Modifying these files and then charging for the new version spits in the face of that spirit of cooperation and mutual respect and runs contrary to the reason these files exist in the first place. It's also a violation of the license under which they've all been released.

Now, on to the downloads!

GB1 Hero Belt Gizmo Circuit Board

The Original: Now New & Improved! Includes an accurate Numitron VFD display template, a variety of ICs (now more accurate to the original board), and of course, the main circuit board for building your own Sanyo ICC-808D calculator board replica!

GB2 "Stunt" Belt Gizmo Circuit Board

Accurately Ugly! Includes the main "circuit board" and daughter board with wire connections, components, and mounting holes marked for convenience. Also includes simulated rainbow ribbon cable strips for the propper on a budget.

GB1 Hero Tape Measure Holder Pattern

Because who wants a naked circuit board? After multiple revisions, prototypes, hammered thumbs, and sacrificed cow skin, this is a pouch fit for a king. Or, you know, a really old, ludicrously expensive, obscure calculator circuit board. Whichever.

GB2 "Stunt" Tape Measure Holder Pattern

Would you look at the size of that band?! Carefully patterned after references photos of the tape measure holder on a screen-used custom black belt and Ernie Hudson's stunt pistol belt from Ghostbusters 2, this will probably hold a toaster.

GB1 Belt Key Rings and Fobs

Not as musical as a keytar. Scaled according to all the reference available (in other words, almost nothing) to come up with an accurate representation of the belt key rings and fobs worn in the first Ghostbusters. Hardware sold separately.

GB2 Trap Holster

It's A Trap ...Holster! Includes cut out measurements for standard pistol belts and 3" custom black belts. This is a 2 page PDF, with leather pieces on the first page, and aluminum on the second.

GB1 Nametag Font

What... is your name? Traced from screen-used nametags with extra characters lifted from the Video Game and comics, this font is perfect for custom embroidered nametags, signatures, and more!

Hiram Walker Apricot Brandy Label

"For whatever reasons, Ray, call it fate, call it luck, call it karma..." This is a high resolution recreation of the label on the bottle of brandy that Peter and Ray shared after their eviction.

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